Messaging Enterprise

For the branding of the world’s leader in messaging software company, we used a primitive sun symbol, as well as a bright orange representing wisdom.



To bring warmness we used a rounded friendly type and sober colors applied on the branding, packaging, product and the digital presence.

Approach Network


This group of brands were created to work harmoniously under the new identity of this communications agency.

Sea Moss


For this health supplement brand, we created a sober identity combining custom illustrations and clean type.

Hotel da Praça


For this hotel and restaurant we developed a sophisticated identity reflecting the colors and tastes of Brazil.


Olive Oil

We wanted this brand to be rustic, timeless and reference the greek olives.

Agro Food


Once we created this custom illustration for the logo for a major coffee export brand, it was applied on the large jute bags of coffee, and quickly helped make the brand know as the “parrot coffee” throughout the world.

Viva Light

Healthy Nutrition

For the brand symbol we created a logo with leaf or bean pod forming a “V” combined with with  warm minimalistic type. Applied in all food packaging, uniforms, signage, menus and website.

Vegan Divas

Vegan Pastries

For this unique vegan culinary brand, we used custom script, bold colors and retro imagery, for a chic classical look.

Galeria 18

Art Gallery

This gallery features renowned Brazilian photographers. So for this identity the design had to be as minimal as possible and yet recognizable.


Art Producers

Reflecting the era of this interior design exhibit, we’ve brought classic Swiss typography and minimal art direction for the photography.



Redesigning the identity of this classic nautical brand, we introduced the seagull symbol and refreshed their iconic typography.

Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia

Modern Art Museum

For this art show brand identity project, we’ve combined minimalistic typography with impactful colors.

Lenny Niemeyer


We’ve shot a beachwear collection completely underwater, achieving a whimsical ambience for this iconic brand.

Joana João

Kid's Fashion

For this branding project we created custom typography, and with it we built a series of fun characters using type elements. We used them on the web presence, packaging and signage.

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