Understand the user
and rethink of what the
company should look
like with the ideal

Product Design

Deep user research,
used to re-tool the way
the product works
for the ideal customer

Product Strategy

Based on user needs,
adjust and combine platforms
to make them more
seamless, cost-effective
and efficient.

What would your business look like if it was ideal for your clients?

Our goal is to bring value to the user by enhancing existing products and assets through branding and product design, and take advantage of product unique features, simplifying and reducing costs and teams, to build maximum equity valuation.

Strategic Execution:
• Deep dive into the user, the company’s product and vision.
• Find what your clients and users love, and use that as your differential.
• Rethink the Brand, Product and Design: Leveraging the right teams, by creating a product roadmap, user testing and implementation.

Focus on the user to leverage business growth through Branding, Product Design and Strategy.

Over 25 years of design, product and technology strategy experience. Founded a leading branding agency in Brazil, followed by leading the Product Design team at a Fortune 500 company in NYC.

“Augusto is my go-to resource re UX/UI. He blends design with functionality, and delivers projects on time and in budget.”
Scott Galloway
Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern and the founder of Section4
"I've worked with Augusto on our product from Branding, to Design and UX. The results were excellent: Our product launch was seamless"
Pablo Rivas
Founding Partner, Medaica
"Augusto has led our Product Design team and Creative, on a journey of 10 years. Great professional to work with, and sharp team leader."
CEO, LivePerson